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Top 10 Couples Seeking Men Sites — Our List!

Best Couples Seeking Men sites

  1. Good for Finding and dating an attractive ladies BeNaughty
  2. Good for people in search for sexual entertainment Spdate

Are you also looking for men seeking couples to explore something new? In the modern age, it is pretty common to have unique sexual desires among couples. Having a third partner sometimes adds spice to the relationship. It helps to point out an exciting sexual direction between couples.

But, approaching a man to participate in the sexual events of a couple is awkward, whereas a threesome is a pretty common desire nowadays. But, a few websites are available that quickly solve the problems where the users find their threesome sexual desires. These websites mainly focus on introducing a new community where couples seeking men for sex can fulfill their sexual urges.

The world is changing, and the dynamics of the relationships between couples are also transforming. Several couples also prefer to change the orientation of their sexual activities. So, here is a list of the top dating websites where a couple can find their desired man to participate in a threesome and vice versa.

Want to Use Couples Seeking Men Sites? Here Is What You Have to Know!

Due to the pandemic situation, couples interested in threesome support the online approach of a partner. The modernization of the relationship between couples allows them to think of new websites that offer new people to meet who also share the same interest. These dating sites are completely safe and maintain the moderate privacy of the users.

These couples’ hookup sites are mostly user-friendly and open with one click. The applications or websites offer a free signup policy and the premium version of that with the exchange of money. Sometimes, the apps ask for the location, which is safe as it is for finding the partners near you. All the sites try to find out the top matches for you based on the available details in the apps.

The List of Best Couples Seeking Men Sites

Here are the descriptions of the best couples seeking men sites with their pros, cons, and availability. Read overall and choose the perfect one for you now.




  • Provides an open-minded community worldwide who wants to explore their sexual kinks;
  • The user data are safe and free from any scam;
  • Allows you to choose from 20+ sexualities and gender identities according to your preference.


  • The numbers of user are not much, and it’s challenging to find the perfect match there;
  • The app sometimes logs out itself, and the user can miss the notifications.

Feeld is a dating app for open-minded couples that is designed as more than a vanilla dating app. This couples hookup app provides an open platform for couples interested in exploring their desire through a threesome. Here users can match their partners, chat with them, and meet.

Accessibility for Ordinary People: Anyone can use Feeld by creating a profile and mentioning the maximum distance of the partner. The free trial version is quite alluring.

Number of Users: Currently, over 90,000,000 active users are available in Feeld.


  • The monthly subscription for membership is $11.99
  • Three months subscription for $23.99

Interface and Overall Usability: It’s a user-friendly app that is available in both iOS and Androids.

Privacy and Security: Feeld takes the privacy and security of each user very seriously and doesn’t fall under the scam.

Users Review: Feeld is an exciting app that welcomes open-minded people to explore different sexual fantasies.

Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder


  • Easy to find couple hookup, sexual encounters, or anything remotely related to casual sex;
  • You can fulfill your desire while maintaining social distancing during this pandemic situation via sexting sessions;
  • Availability of many matches regarding your personal information where you can choose the desired partner irrespective of gender, age, or other criteria.


  • A lot of inactive or fake IDs exist on the website;
  • The free version is not helpful at all.

Adult Friend Finder is an adult-oriented social media dating platform that offers more than casual hookups or meetings or couples seeking men for sex. This website supplies alluring facilities such as sex chat rooms, a collage of potential matches which are gender unbiased, and many more.

Accessibility for Ordinary People: Anyone can use this website by registering, and the more information you provide, the better chance to get higher numbers of matches. The free trial version is available.

Number of Users: The number of current Adult Friend Finder users is 103,001,735.


  • One month for $39.95
  • Six months for $80.85
  • 12 months for $239.40

Interface and Overall Usability: The website is easy to use, and there are many active users, and it’s convenient to get a perfect match quickly.

Privacy and Security: User’s personal information is secured and safe with Adult Friend Finder. But the existences of bot users or fake IDs are sometimes disappointing for the users.

Users Review: No dating site is entirely error-free. Adult Friend Finder is one of the best couples hookup sites if you know the fake users.




  • You can register both as a couple or as an individual;
  • Free browsing opportunity for the first date;
  • Available both for Android and iOS.


  • The interface of this site is a bit awkward;
  • It doesn’t allow the personality matching feature.

BiCupid is an online dating app that focuses on bisexual or bi-curious people who are open-minded to accept their sexual preferences. It also allows the couples and singles to explore their desires via chat, meetings, room dates, etc. This is the most famous couples’ hookup platform.

Accessibility for Ordinary People: The registration is straightforward here, even in the free trial. You can sign up via Facebook or Google.

Number of Users: Currently, over 2 million people are actively using the BiCupid app.


  • One month for $33.99
  • Three months for $69.99
  • Six months for $109.99

Interface and Overall Usability: It is a three-step process after verification. You need to upload a photo, then write about yourself and set your matching parameters.

Privacy and Security: BiCupid is undeniably a legit dating app, and it’s entirely safe for use.

Users Review: BiCupid is a mind-blowing match-making app for both bisexual people and couples seeking men for sex.




  • Easy to signup;
  • An open community where sexually driven people are present;
  • A legit and professional platform.


  • Subscription is quite pricey;
  • Profiles cannot be deactivated so that you can find some inactive users;
  • Free access is restricted.

SexFinder is a perfect app for those desperately seeking one-time sexual activities to explore their needs with partners of identical preferences. It is one of the best couples hookup sites that provides smooth matching with your desired partners.

Accessibility for Ordinary People: The signup process is very straightforward and takes almost 10 minutes. The free version also offers exciting features.

Number of Users: The current user for SexFinder is about 109,568,312.


Gold Membership

  • 1 month costs $39.95
  • 3 months cost $80.85
  • 12 months cost $239.40

Standard Contact

  • 12 months cost $107.40


  • 200 credits cost $3.00
  • 500 credits cost $6.00
  • 1000 credits cost $10.00

Search highlights

  • 1 month costs $9.95
  • 3 months cost $38.85

Adult Movies

  • 1 month costs $18.95
  • 3 months cost $38.85

Private Chat Room

  • 1 month costs $9.95
  • 3 months cost $20.85
  • 6 months cost $35.70
  • 12 months cost $47.40

Interface and Overall Usability: This app is straightforward to use, and the free version offers many features that include live models, webcam, instant messaging, basic search, etc.

Privacy and Security: SexFinder promotes the couple’s hookup for safe online dating where your data are secured.

Users Review: SexFinder is one of the widely used instant dating apps and very much user-friendly. But the subscription price is a bit high.




  • Open to all genders and sexual preferences;
  • Easy to sign up;
  • Not much expensive.


  • No mobile app is available;
  • Presence of website bugs;
  • The success rate is low.

SwapFinder is a couples hookup web address where both single persons and couples find their perfect match. Here, couple swaps, threesome partners, and short-term sexual activities are offered. The website enlightens the desire for sexual preferences.

Accessibility for Ordinary People: Ordinary people can quickly sign up via email address and then provide personal information like location, preferences, etc.

Number of Users: The current user for SwapFinder is about 40 million worldwide.


  • One month for $39.95
  • Three months for $80.85
  • 12 months for $239.40

Interface and Overall Usability: This website is a bit cheap and pretty much user-friendly.

Privacy and Security: SwapFinder focuses on privacy and security and modifies its website frequently.

Users Review: This is the perfect platform for couples seeking men for sex and exploring the several dynamics of their relationship.




  • Free to register;
  • Full of kinks and casual sex;
  • Intuitive interface;
  • A safe web design.


  • The mobile app version isn’t available;
  • No formal matching algorithms.

Far from the traditional dating app, Xmatch is a dating app that provides terrific sexual connections for both couples and singles. It’s one of the smoking hot XXX dating websites in the world.

Accessibility for Ordinary People: The free version provides essential registration, basic matching tools, and hotlists access.

Number of Users: The current user for XMatch is about 96 million.


  • One month for $39.95
  • Three months for $80.85
  • 12 months for $239.40

Interface and Overall Usability: The steps are very easy for signing up and making a profile.

Privacy and Security: Safety is the key to this couple hookup platform.

Users Review: It’s an outstanding platform to explore your inner sexual desires and implement them in real life.




  • Traffic count is high;
  • Offers alternate sex;
  • Open for all sorts of relationships.


  • Lack of website design;
  • Many fake IDs.

Alt.com is a trending dating app that doesn’t fall under the traditional dating app niche. This is the perfect website for people interested in alternative sexual relationships and allows adult activities like BDSM, sexual fetish, dominance, etc.

Accessibility for Ordinary People: The free version offers various features and is easily accessible.

Number of Users: The current user for Alt.com is about 870,434.


Silver Membership

  • One month will cost $19.95
  • Three months will cost $35.97
  • 12 months will cost $99.97

Gold Membership

  • One month will cost $29.95
  • Three months will cost $59.97
  • 12 months will cost $149.97

Interface and Overall Usability: The registration process is handy and accessible.

Privacy and Security: Alt.com prioritizes the user’s security and privacy.

Users Review: Alt.com is the best couple hookup website that focuses on alternate sex.




  • Easy signup options;
  • Price is not too high;
  • It offers an open community interested in casual hookups.


  • Offers excellent features for plus members only;
  • Presence of anonymous profiles.

Yumi is a perfect dating app for couples, singles, LGBTQ, and other communities. It offers anonymous dating and chatting experiences and random couples hookups. Here, you can explore your preferences properly, and Yumi works with ethics.

Accessibility for Ordinary People: The free version is easy to use but doesn’t offer many facilities.

Number of Users: The current user base of Yumi is about 840,000.


  • One month for $19.99
  • Three months for $39.99
  • Six months for $59.99

Interface and Overall Usability: Yumi is very user-friendly, and any one of 18+ can join this community.

Privacy and Security: Yumi focuses on privacy and security very effectively.

Users Review: If you urge to explore your sexual desires, Yumi is the final destination.

Open Minded

Open Minded


  • Free registration;
  • You can use it as a single or a couple;
  • Advance search facilities.


  • No app version is available;
  • The price is a bit high.

Open Minded is a dating site where both single and couples can register and find a perfect match, and it’s among the best couples hookup sites. Open Minded takes the idea of polyamory very seriously and offers to overcome the negativity of open-minded relationships.

Accessibility for Ordinary People: You have to register through the website page with your basic personal details due to the absence of an app form.

Number of Users: Currently, 60,000 people are using this as their main dating site.


  • 20 months cost $19.95

Interface and Overall Usability: Open-Minded is very easy to use, and the free version also offers the profile search and text options. Just provide an email ID and make an account and add the personal details.

Privacy and Security: Open-Minded site is perfectly safe and secure. All you need to do is to provide a valid email address.

Users Review: It’s not a very popular couple hookup website. But it allows messaging the matches freely.




  • Free and fast registration and email verification for new users;
  • The affordable price for the premium version;
  • 24/7 availability of the help center.


  • No desktop version is available;
  • Messaging is not free.

Mixxxer is a uniquely arranged dating app that provides the best usage of your current location. It makes a list of the sex-seekers around your location and presents it to you. Mixxxer will help you find a one-night couple hookup.

Accessibility for Ordinary People: The free version of Mixxxer is available for everyone older than 18. The website is only for mobile users and is pretty user-friendly. The free version also offers the users free search, report against the violation, etc.

Number of Users: Currently, its user base count is 2 million people actively using this site.


  • One-month membership for $7.99
  • Three-months membership for $19.99

Interface and Overall Usability: If you are searching for couples seeking hookup sites, Mixxxer is the final stop for you that helps you to make a connection instantly.

Privacy and Security: The privacy of Mixxxer is restricted. You can apply a privacy filter to hide your identity from unknown users. They can only see your display picture but can’t access the personal details.

Users Review: This website features the GPS navigator that allows you to have an erotic adventure near you.


Here is a set of questions that the users ask repeatedly.

Are the Couples Seeking Men Sites Provide Security?

Of course, couples hookup sites provide the top security measures to the users. Since all dating websites are not completely error-free, it is reasonable for the users to be very conscious and smart to avoid scams.

Which Couples Seeking Men Sites Are Available at Zero Cost?

Most of the sites have a free version that you can try for several days. But the premium version offers the best and exclusive features to the users. So, if you’re interested in enjoying the website and its features, you should go for the premium.

How to Select the Best Couples Seeking Men Websites?

The first thing you need to do is to determine your desire properly along with the budget. Then, choose the most suitable couple hookup website to fulfill your purpose. Although these dating sites are the ultimate ones, identify your needs. Finding your gender and sexual preference is essential when choosing the perfect adult dating website.

How Couples Seeking Men Sites Are Different From Typical Dating Sites?

The most arguable topic is the difference between couples seeking men sites from the typical dating sites. The basic dissimilarity is the approach of each genre. Typical dating sites are mostly for casual hookups or dates, whereas couples seeking men sites are designed to arrange extraordinary sexual needs like a threesome. Couples seeking men’s websites offer sex chats, video chats, and partners of the same interests.

How to Search for Couples Seeking Men at My Locality?

Turn on your device location and set the area properly so that you can find men seeking couples and vice versa. Distance plays a crucial role in such sexual activities.

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